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Permaculture Publications

 The Elfin Permaculture Permaculture Design Course Online is no longer offered.  The Course CD may be licensed for home/self study. You may license individual weeks, or the entire course CD.  All information about the course at the website is legacy. Information on licensing the CD for home study. 

The six-month course involved weekly readings, at least four student reports, and discussions of current topics online. For complete outline of the course, including readings and assignments, read the
Course Preregistration Package.

Contact Dan Hemenway if you are interested in licensing any of these materials for teaching.

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Elfin Permaculture Publications, a list of our publications grouped in categories

Free Permaculture Design Pamphlets -- translated into Spanish

Pamphlet 1 Una Introducción a la Permacultura.

Pamphlet 2 Permacultura En Zonas Humidas  (new July 2015)

Pamphlet 3  Permacultura En Zonas Áridas.

Pamphlet 4 Permacultura en Islas Bajas.

Scroll down for the pamphlets in Portuguese and English;

New July 2012:  Patiofarming in the Tropics and Subtropics -- 2nd Edition Now Available.  Yankee Permaculture recently completed editing the 2nd Edition of Dr. Franklin Martin’s Patiofarming in the Tropics and Subtropics. In this publication, Dr. Martin presents his approach to family food production around the home, specifically in warm climates.

 New in the 2nd Edition: For the first time, we offer this publication in a digital form on CD. The 2nd edition includes dozens of notes and sidebars by permaculturist Dan Hemenway, greatly expanding the value of Martin’s excellent work.

The Basic Gardening Data CD. Contains  three documents:  Tables relating nutrient deficiency symptoms to causes; a table of the nutrient, pH, and some other requirements of roughly 300 commonly grown food plants; and a database of the fertility value (NPK+) of about 400 'waste' materials that may be available to gardeners. All of these documents are also found in our Permaculture Design Course CD, and the database was included as 'extra' on the CD version of The International Permaculture Solutions Journal, Vol. II.  Price: $25 + $5 burn fee* +p&h ($6 to US addresses.  See the Yankee Permaculture Order Form for further details.)

Florida version of the Basic Gardening CD. Includes a fourth document -- the Florida Gardening Guide, that includes suggested crops and planting dates for three Florida growing seasons, Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Price, $30 + burn fee and p&h as above.  The Florida guide is unlikely to be useful to people in other regions.

*   The burn fee covers burning one custom CD.  You can add other items from the Yankee Permaculture Order form to the CD and one burn fee (per CD) covers them all.

The International Permaculture Solutions Journal Vol. II  Details of Volume II.

Since 1983, Yankee Permaculture has published journals, newsletters, papers, and pamphlets on many aspects of permaculture. Our goal has been to fill the gaps in existing permaculture literature, to pull together and/or better express information otherwise not available in useful form, and to extend the development of permaculture as a concept and movement. Much of the material we have published has been in direct response to needs we perceived in our teaching of the Elfin Permaculture Design Course as well as permaculture workshops and lectures.

We believe that these writings of almost 15 years increase in usefulness as time goes on. Meanwhile, thousands of people new to permaculture do not learn about this useful information. Therefore, we have assembled a summary of these writings by topics.  Elfin Permaculture Publications by topic  We have skipped items of diminished relevance because they are no longer timely. We hope that you find this list useful. Ordering information is located in the Yankee Permaculture Order Form and/or in our Special Order Catalog (Yankee Permaculture Paper #27.)

We strive to make the information below complete and correct. If you find omissions or errors, please let us know. The number of pages indicated for an article or publication may change in some cases as we update information and/or convert documents from typescript to computer typesetting.

Plants for Use in Permaculture in the Tropics - New Edition

The second edition of Plants for Use in Permaculture in The Tropics is available as of Sept. 15, 2009. To the new edition we have added some photographs, tables reformatted for easier use, an enlarged and updated Index (nearly 500 entries), and a revised and updated Appendix of contact organizations.

The sixty-four-page publication features Dr. Franklin Martin's original 27 tables evaluating the multiple uses of plants in various categories, and his 64 profiles of individual plant species. Yankee Permaculture has added appendices of organizations and suppliers and the index.

The new CD-only edition costs $25. Postage, handling, and related fees are extra: see the Yankee Permaculture Order Form for details. Click here to see the 2nd edition cover and table of contents.

Yankee Permaculture Journals , Description of back issues available of The International Permaculture Seed Yearbook (TIPSY) and The International Permaculture Solutions Journal (TIPS), each volume is packed with useful information.  HALF PRICE JOURNALS - journals with some cosmetic stains and other superficial defects, available while they last.

Free public Domain Permaculture Pamphlets, translated into Portuguese, by a volunteer from Brazil, Cássio P. Octaviani.

PDC Portuguese - All the Public Domain Permaculture Pamphlets, translated into Portuguese, in one document

Panfleto 1 -- Introduço A Permacultura
Panfleto 2 - Permacultura em Paisagens Úmidas
Panfleto 3 - Permacultura em Paisagens Àridas
Panfletos 4-5-6 - Permacultura em Ilhas Baixas, Permacultura em Ilhas Altas, Permacultura em Paisagens Graníticas
Pamphlet 7 - Permacultura para Controle do Fogo
Pamphlet 8 - Fazendo Projectos de Permacultura
Pamphlet 9 - Tecnicas de Permacultura

Panfleto 12 -Permacultura em Áreas Urbanas y Peri-urbanas
Panfleto 13 - A Comunidade dd Permacultura
Panfleto 14 - A Alternativa da Permacultura

Panfleto 15 - Permacultura para Milionários

English Language Version:  Free Public Domain Permaculture Pamphlets, 15 pamphlets in one document, 155 pages, available for free downloading. The pamphlets are based on a transcription of the lectures given by Bill Mollison in 1981 during a Permaculture Design Course presented in New Hampshire. Their reproduction is free and encouraged.

Workshop and Live Design Course Reading List

The Resources of International Permaculture (TRIP), information about the Barking Frogs Permaculture TRIP directory, an extensive directory of groups working for sustainable habitation of the Earth.

Workshop and Live Design Course Reading List

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