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• “Annual” Online Course Skips a Year
• Online Course CD at about 1/3 Price
• Vol. III of The International Permaculture Solutions Journal
• Permaculture Design Course Pamphlets Translated into Portuguese, Spanish & Chinese.
  Patiofarming in the Tropics and Subtropics
• Continuing Projects and Opportunities
“Annual” Online Course Skips a Year –
2012 Date Announced
     After offering our 6-month Permaculture Design Course Online for 14 consecutive years, we have decided to skip the offering for 2011 to allow instructors added time to work on other projects.  We plan to begin Cycle 15 of the course Jan. 7, 2012.  Download the Course Pre-registration Package from our website for full details of the course, fees, the reading list, and scholarships from our website, etc. www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org
Online Course CD at About 1/3 Price Through 2011
         Because we had already done the work of updating and enlarging our online permaculture course CD, we have decided to make it available for $85, instead of $250, a price that has been constant for many years.  The price of the entire Course Reading List remains unaffected.  CDs licensed at the reduced fee do not carry our usual offer to monitor the course free by registering with the CD order. However, the discounted CD price + the monitor fee is still less than the regular CD license Fee. (CDs are licensed on a single-user basis.)  The Cycle 15 CD already contains more than a dozen major new items. The CD includes more than 400 files, including weekly module posts (instructors’ lectures and notes), sample designs, an ‘Xtras’ file of useful information, numerous databases, additional readings, and many other kinds of documents.  The Self-Study Version of the CD does not include digital copies of back journals included when the disk is purchased as part of the total reading package.
Vol. III of The International Permaculture Solutions Journal
         Following successful resumption of publication of The International Permaculture Solutions Journal (Vol. II), both on CD and in print, we have begun work on Vol. III, including themes of ‘Permaculture Education’ and ‘Client/Site Assessment’, in addition to our regular theme such as “Permaculture Basics” and “Useful Plants.”  We always welcome the opportunity to consider work from new contributors, who can send query letters to Dan Hemenway at YankeePerm@aol.com  We also welcome copies of permaculture-related books and DVDs to consider for review.  Vol. II continues to be available to purchase on CD and a limited number of print copies. 
Permaculture Design Course Pamphlets Translated into Portuguese
         Volunteer Cássio P. Octaviani recently completed translation of all 15 of our Permaculture Design Course Pamphlets (by Bill Mollison) into Portuguese.  Volunteer webmaster Robert Waldrop has posted each to our website. The following URLs are samples of the format used.
Robert explains, URLs for all the individual pamphlets contain /panfleto followed by the the (Arabic) pamphlet number, e.g. panfleto1.pdf , panfleto2.pdf, panfleto3.pdf, etc.  All the pamphlets in one document are found at:                  
                  http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/panfletostodos.pdf .
Design Course Pamphlets in Spanish
       In keeping with our intent to make these pamphlets widely available, we are seeking to post Spanish translations for free download, also.  Pamphlet I, which was translated by permaculturist Antonio Scotti a few years ago, may be found on our website at http://www.barkingfrogspermaculture.org/spanishpanfleto1.pdf . Additional volunteer translators in Spanish or other languages are welcome. 

Chinese-language Versions of the Pamphlets
         We were recently contacted by a Taiwanese permaculturist who has expressed his intent to translate the pamphlets into Chinese.  Obviously, permaculture materials in Chinese is a major step in bringing permaculture to a large fraction of humanity.  We will report any progress in next year’s letter.  If you have need of Chinese materials before then, check our website.  We will post all translations there as they become available.
Patiofarming in the Tropics and Subtropics
Warm Climate Food Production for Small Spaces
         We have offered this publication by Dr. Franklin Martin for some years, with the intention of enlarging it with sections on water, soil, animals, and permaculture design. Patiofarming… is now in digital format available either in print or on CD.  Eventually we will phase out the print version.  Meanwhile, we have begun work on the second edition, with extensive notes, sidebars, and additional chapters by Dan Hemenway. We expect the second edition to be available in a year or so. And we added a subtitle, since it seemed that nobody knew what patiofarming constitutes.  Anyone who buys the first edition on CD, may exchange it for credit when updating to the enlarged upcoming version.  This publication is another candidate for translations by qualified volunteers. Patiofarming… is a companion publication to Yankee Permaculture’s Plants for Use in Permaculture in the Tropics, also by Dr. Martin.
Progress continues with the following projects, previously reported:
Permaculture images:  Searches, CDs, Scanned slide presentations.
We continue working on a two-prong effort to make available for sale images in our extensive permaculture photo library.  We have to date indexed about 4,000 images on a database (FileMaker Pro.)  We are presently importing images to the database so that others can scan for images that they need.  Simultaneously, we are scanning our extensive library of 35-millimeter slides, starting with formal slide presentations.  We envision the following licensed uses for photos in these digital formats:
·        A series of library CDs with low-resolution images, a keywords field, descriptive information, and, where available, presentation script, additional notes, and suggestions regarding the educational objectives that the images serve. This will be available as a pdf file.
·        A series of ‘slide’ shows on CD, duplicating our older 35mm slide presentations.  These are listed on our website. Presentations for self-education will be on pdf, with a relatively low price.  Shows for public presentation will be on a graphics format such as JPEG, and will feature higher resolution. 
·        Custom production of CDs containing digital images. We will price these based on the intended use and the registration required.
Internships at Barking Frogs Permaculture Center
While Barking Frogs Permaculture Center, for various reasons, is not open to the public, we infrequently host permaculture interns who wish to learn practical matters associated with permaculture design implementation and maintenance.  For details, see our Intern FAQs and related documents on our web site. Our location in North-Central Florida particularly suits internships over the winter months. Interns here may simultaneously monitor our online course at no tuition charge, if the internship occurs while the course is in session. This option is subject to change.
Florida Permaculture Workshop Opportunities
                        For personal reasons, we have drastically curtailed travel for teaching and consulting in the US and Canada.  (We will consider requests for programs in other countries on a case-by-case basis.)  In order to continuing sharing our permaculture experience and insights, we remain open to leading permaculture programs in Florida, where we now live.  The preferred region is an ellipse 50 miles from Ocala to the south and 50 miles from Gainesville to the north.
             If you live elsewhere in Florida, we will evaluate logistics on a case-by-case basis.
To explore the possibility for program in your area, please download the appropriate documents from our web site explaining our standard terms and what is involved.  We are looking at designing programs over a series of weekends, as well, to minimize the duration of time away from our own site. For programs offered nearby, we can commute.  This would be the area between Gainesville and Ocala. We are interested in offering certificate courses weekends, to shadow our online course synchronously, using the same reading package.  We do not organize or host programs—we teach them.  Permaculture is a self-reliance movement.  If you want a program, you need to take the initiative.  As you can see from the above, we do not lack for things to do.
After reading what is involved, please contact us if you are interested.
We are also willing to undertake a few consulting jobs each year in Florida.  Again, details are already on our web site.
We never offer training programs at Barking Frogs Permaculture Center.  This is an ironclad policy.
Check our website for possible future workshops in Gainesville, FL.
Other Ongoing Projects
  Baldcypress Swamp.  We had good growth again this year in our two main areas planted to baldcypress. Some previously established trees have been starting to self-sow, and we plan to dig saplings to add to the larger planting in 2012.
  Tree Crops / Agroforestry / Forest Gardens.  These continue to develop gradually, and continue to provide lessons about these strategies in this portion of Florida.
  Container Gardens.  Our container gardening strategies appear to be about fully developed, though we welcome surprises of new ideas and information.  Our main interests now are further integration of containers with our chinampas and tree crops and related work.
  Bamboo Groves.  Most of our groves are pretty well established, supplying poles for gardening, fuel, and a small amount of material for crafts and carpentry.  The winter of 2009-2010 was unusually harsh for our area and our Bambusa oldhami  was killed to the ground.  Other species were not seriously damaged.
Scholarship Deadline—Still Aug. 1
         The annual deadline for online course scholarship submissions remains August 1 through 2011.  ONLY APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED BETWEEN JULY 1 AND AUG. 1  WILL BE CONSIDERED.  Instructions for scholarship application may be downloaded from our web site. They are also included in our online course pre-registration package, another free download. Monitor scholarship applications can be accepted between the deadline and the startup of the course cycle.
Permaculture-Suitable Land for Sale
         We have not yet found someone worthy of buying our land in Williamsburg, Massachusetts. Because we are consolidating our resources at our current home base in Florida, we are open to selling 18 acres of land that Dan has owned since 1968.  This land has not been sprayed for decades, is very suited to the construction of a resource and energy-efficient solar home, and has blueberries and nut trees planted in several areas.  Photos and more details are on our web site.  Purchase of the entire parcel comes with a one-day verbal consult on the land's features and potential by Dan Hemenway.  We will consider subdividing, starting at the south end of the property. 
About our Names
       Yankee Permaculture:  Our publication project, which produces journals, pamphlets, papers, slides, CDs, etc. Yankee Permaculture was kept separate from our other work in the event that someone else takes over these activities when we are old or dead. (Dan is already old.)
         Elfin Permaculture:  Our consulting, design, and teaching services. These are our personal permaculture practice. APT (Advanced Permaculture Training) is a sub-project of Elfin Permaculture.
         Barking Frogs Permaculture: This is a place, where we live and where our projects are based, sort of an umbrella for everything else. All current land-based Elfin Permaculture projects happen here.
         The Solutions Network:  This is our network of volunteers who support the above projects.
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